School visits to Lucy’s Little Forest School at Wilderness Wood

Whether its  regular visits to the wood or a annual school trip we will provide you with a taster of the  Forest School ethos.

Forest school uses the woods and forests as a means to build independence and self-esteem in children and adults. Topics are cross-curriculum including the natural environment, for example the role of trees in society, the complex ecosystem supported by a wilderness, and recognition of specific plants and animals. However, the personal skills are considered highly valuable, such as teamwork and problem solving. The woodland environment may be used to learn about more abstract concepts such as mathematics and communication.

Take advantage of this valuable resource to enrich and enliven the curriculum and stimulate learning. By allowing pupils to experience the wood at first hand, we hope to create a lasting and emotive connection with woodlands.

Wilderness wood

62 acres of chestnut coppice with stands of Beech, Scots Pine, Douglas, Cedar and Giant Sequoia

A cafe, a workshop, a home, a kitchen garden, a marquee, camping, forest school and outdoor adventures!

A work collective which includes Lucy’s Little Forest School, Andy Coates’ Woodland Products and Rachel’s Wilderness Cafe

The creaters of Wilderness wood Anne and Chris Yarrow have a book published, Thirty year in  Wilderness Wood, We have a spcial offer for schools please see link special-offer-to-wilderness-wood-visitors-1

What we offer:

  •  Forest School trained Lucy Clark and Wriggly Barkaway, as well as bush craft king Ed Heuseur
  • It’s a productive woodland, making garden products, furniture, timber framed building and play area’s from our own timber, open all year

  • It’s a “natural” place that is home to many plants and animals, including spring bluebells, autumn toadstools and pond creatures

  • It’s a great place for children to investigate, rummage, collect and explore.

  • It’s an ancient woodland, with two Roman iron smelting sites

  • It’s yours for the day to explore!

We offer you set packages based around the most popular days out at the wood, or bespoke ones to meet the needs of your class, from Reception to adult visits. All with the forest school ethos.

How to book a school visit:

  • Wilderness Wood is open all year round for school visits.

  • Call Wriggly on 07469789489 to check whether your chosen date is free and discuss your day further. We like to have only one school in the wood at a time to give you the best experience, sometimes this may not be possible and we book two small groups at a time.
  • We ask all teachers to come for a pre-visit to the wood to see for yourself how the wood works and to get a feel for the day. Complete a risk assessment and have a look around.
  • Complete the booking form which you will find at the top of the page of the teachers packs  and return it to us with a £50 deposit. We will send you an acknowledgement letter with further information for your day.

  • If you would like to talk through your day at the wood, please call Wriggly on 07469789489or email:
  • You are welcome to come for a free pre-visit (advisable) to plan your day and discover all that Wilderness Wood has to offer. Please contact Wriggly if you would like to meet to discuss your trip.

  • Tell us how many people you actually are on the day and you will be issued with an accurate invoice by email.

How much:

  • Pupils – £2.70
  • All accompanying adults – free

  • Guided walks / activities – £52 per hour per group per leader

  • Teachers Lunch time treat! Tea/coffee and choose from a flapjack or a brownie for just £2.50!