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The range of party extras are provided from various independent companies that work at the woods. We have collated and detailed the options below. All the party extras can be requested by filling out this single form here…

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Parties Teas & Party Bags –

Tea Parties from £7 p/h

To compliment each party theme, Rachael at Wilderness Cafe has designed a selection of delicious tea parties to fill and delight the children’s bellies. This can be offered in the cafe or in the tea garden. Have a look below to see whats on offer.

  1. Gruffalo party tea menu Download
  2. Bear Hunt party tea menu Download
  3. Bug Hunt party tea menu Download
  4. Castaway party tea menu Download
  5. Shelter party tea menu (Also used for Mini Shelters, Super Shelters and Survive the Wild theme). Download
  6. Fairy and Elf party tea menu (Also used for Flower Fairies theme). Download
  7. Wild Things party tea menu Download

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Party Bags from £3.50 p/h –

Complete your party with a lovely treat for the little ones. Rachael can supply each child with a special woodland themed party bag for just £3.50/£4 per child. The party bags include:

  1. A glider/insect/fairy
  2. A woodland pencil and notepad
  3. A mini bug viewer/long tongued creature
  4. A little bag of sweets
  5. A magnifying glass for extra 50p

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Marquee Hire, £25 for 2 hrs

For an alternative option to the cafe or garden you can hire the canvas covered marquee for your base and shelter, where your party group can gather and have refreshments at the picnic tables provided. This is an optional extra that can be added when you make a party booking request and costs £25 for 2 hrs.

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Party Invitations, £4

We have a selection of quirky and beautifully illustrated party invites. We can supply you with a digital image file of the party invitation design to print at your own convenience for a small cost of £4.

  1. Fairy party invite View
  2. Gruffalo party invite View
  3. Shelter party invite View
  4. Wild Things party invite View
  5. Woodland party invite View

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