Ordering Party Extras

Once you’ve chosen and booked your party we can help make your day extra special with options around…

  • Food & drink and party bags provided by Rachael’s Cafe
  • Marquee hire for a base and shelter provided by Wilderness Woods and
  • Themed invitation designs provided by us, Lucy's Little Forest School

Please fill in the form below with as much detail as possible. Once your request has been received you’ll be contacted by each service provider who will discuss your options in detail with you.


Personal Details

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Party Details

Please select the party theme that you have booked and confirmed.

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Number of children to attend. Max. 16 children for all parties, except: Woodland Baking, Castaway 6yrs+, and Super Shelters: max. 12, Pizza and Dens: max. 10


Ordering Party Extras

Rachael's Party Teas

Rachael's Cafe can supply you with a themed party teas from £7 p/h. See Party Extras to view Party Tea menus. Please make your selection.


Allergies & special needs. Please note any allergies and special needs below.


Rachael's Party Bags £3.50/£4.50 per child

Bag 1: A choice of an insect glider or a fairy glider, a woodland pencil and notepad, a mini bug viewer and a little bag of sweets. £3.50.
Bag 2: A choice of an insect glider or a fairy glider, a woodland pencil and notepad, a mini bug viewer and a little bag of sweets, choice of either magnifying glass, mini telescope or long tongued creature. £4.50

Please make your selection:


Marquee hire - £25 for 2 hrs, supplied by Wilderness Woods

The canvas covered marquee with picnic tables can be added onto your package and used as a designated space to eat and gather.

I'd like to hire the marquee for our eventI don't want to hire the marquee


Invitation design provided by Lucy's Little Forest School - £4

We can supply you with a digital image file of the party invitation design to print at your own convenience. See Party Extras to view invite designs. Please make your selection.


Additional information

Other notes



I give permission to take part in the above activities listed, I understand that activities may include tool use, flint fire lighting, den building, camp fire cooking and other outdoor related activities and anything you take part in is at your own risk to you and your child. The Children attending party who are not accompanied by and adult are the responsibility of the Adult/Parent who Child’s party it is if parents do not attend. I will host the party and assist and help in any way I can. Lucy’s Little Forest School is not responsible for any belonging’s you bring to the wood.

I give permission for photography to be used in Lucy's Little Forest School promotion